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Research Study on Entrepreneurial Decision-making

Dear Potential Participant, My name is Greg Price and I am doctoral student in the School of Applied Leadership at City University of Seattle. I am requesting your assistance in my doctoral dissertation study. The purpose of this study is to identify decision-making processes that impact the entrepreneurial experience as businesses transition from the startup […]

Instructor Confidence forms Classroom Success

CityU of Seattle

Instructor Confidence forms Classroom Success Instructors teach – it’s what we do!  Whether it is in-class, mixed mode, or fully online, instructors help students improve skills and talents, yet the hope is that our instruction changes student lives for the better.  Should this take place, success occurs and it is felt in varying degrees and at […]

Be Yourself – Earn a MA in Leadership

Entrepreneurial Leadership

Be passionate about your leadership and learn to become what makes you successful. Studying and learning about leaders and entrepreneurs, their characteristics, decision-making, and the development of ‘winning’ strategies, is a passion of mine. Though leadership has been studied for millennia, entrepreneurship is a much more recent researched phenomenon.  Business has witnessed an increased level […]

Organizational Leadership Analysis

educational leadership

 Abstract This paper is written to partially answer a question the author is seeking to better understand. The question asked is, “How can institutions of higher learning become more innovative internally while also providing a higher quality product, educational capital, in the form of employees to corporations upon their graduation?”  The author will look at […]